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Your roof. Our story.


Charles Heilpern

Founder & Fitter-in-Chief

Your roof is like your car. It’s all about what’s happening under the hood. No one know that more than Charles, who has been fascinated by roof construction since childhood.

Rachel Heilpern

Office Manager

THIS is the friendly voice on the other end of the line. Rachel answers your questions, books appointments, and makes sure our operations are running smoothly. She’s best known for her infinite patience and almost as famous for her incredible sushi.

Jack Thorne


Jack’s positivity and can-do attitude are his superpower. He lives and breathes roofing and the Manchester United F.C.

Kevin McGee


Kevin’s a team player and is best known for his commitment to being 100% thorough. Kevin loves to get his hands dirty and make sure every job is completed to perfection.

Why Choose Rubberoofs?

Many Reasons.

Reason 1:
You’ll stay happy

Not just the day we finish the job, but also during the next downpour, when you’ll read a dry newspaper from a dry, cozy recliner. Give it months, years or decades; our work withstands the elements over time.

“Absolutely delighted, not a drop of rain in since.”

Mr Adler


Reason 2:
You’ll save money

Work that lasts is more affordable than work that doesn’t. Plus, we’re honest to a fault, so you know you can trust us to do the most cost-effective job possible.

“Once they started the job, they found a different way of doing something which was less expensive, so they actually reduced my bill. This has never happened to me before.”

Mrs Shein

Tyne and Wear

Reason 3:
You’ll get answers

We tell you what needs to be done, and even show you pictures to explain your options so you can make the best decision. Then we keep you informed at every turn.

“The nature of the work was explained to us and we were free to ask any questions. The communication was outstanding…Best experience we have had with any building company by far.”

Mrs Orsh


Reason 4:
Your property will look great

Your home or business will boast a beautiful roof and trim. Our perfectionist tendencies mean you’re always satisfied.

“Must say they did a stunning job that included fitting new fascia boards and cleaning the old ones to blend the new roof with the rest of the house.”

Mr Lettice


Reason 5:
It will be easy

Having work done shouldn’t disrupt your life. We come on time, do our work politely, charge as quoted, tidy up after ourselves, and leave your property immaculate.

“The work was done as agreed. Neatly and efficiently. We didn’t even realise they were there.”

Dansky Ltd


Reason 6:
You’ll have no worries

You know our work is done well, because we just can’t help ourselves; we need to do the job perfectly, every time. Every project comes with a ten-year guarantee, and so far, we’ve NEVER been called back with a problem.

“I was most impressed by the attention to detail and the time taken to get the job done well!”

Mr wolfe

Newcastle upon Tyne

About us

Let’s work together

 My name is Charles Heilpern, CEO and fitter-in-chief of Rubberoofs Limited.

From when I was just a young child I was crazy about roofs. Roof styles and designs captured my interest. I was always checking out the roofs of buildings and wondering why that particular kind was chosen for that structure, playing mental exercises speculating which roofs were better and contemplating the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Roofing is a bit like your car mechanic. When you take your car to a mechanic you can’t take to it just anyone as you have no idea what is really going on under the bonnet. You only take your car to someone who you trust. Unfortunately, the roofing profession has a name as being run by cowboys. Rubberoofs LTD was born in order to change that perception delivering a service that is second to none.


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“Our mission Statement”
to bring quality, value for money, trust, and honesty back to the roofing industry

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