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Commercial Roofing

The best roof for your bottom line 

Your customers rely on you to get things done.
Get a roof you can rely on.

When it comes to comercial roofs we have you covered.



You know that a perfectly sleek roof makes a good impression and is a must-have for your business.


No leaks= money saved (lots of it).


Rubber roofing is the ONLY material that can withstand the tests of time and wet weather. 


You get a perfectionist team that is relentless about providing you with long-lasting work.


You won’t waste time chasing us down. Just keep doing what you do best while we do our job and finish it to your satisfaction.


You will never have to call us back with a problem (we’ve done more than 100 roofs and have never been called back).








Seamless construction prevents leaks

20-year warranty

Zero maintenance

Get it now.
Pay nothing.
Financing available.

Are you experiencing problems with your roof?  Do you need a small repair?

An entire roof fitted?

At Rubberoofs we pride ourselves on offering our commercial clients long term solutions, as opposed to a quick but temporary fix. The work we do is intended to help enhance the performance of your roof, as well as maximise the longevity.

 Whether you require a flat roof or a pitched roof you can rely on us to give to the best service around.

Many Commercial buildings have flats roofs a field in which we absolutely excel at. With our roofs you can forget about ponding ever being a problem again. Using rubber roofs or as it is better known as EPDM we will ensure that your  repair will last for years to come and offer an insurance backed 20 year guarantee for peace of mind.

 When it comes to repairing and fitting large commercial sized pitched roofs we are the   specialists trusted by many.

Whether you need tile or slate  roofing we can help. We specialise in taking the weight of a roofing project off a clients’ shoulders reliving them of just another burden.

Remember –  water seeping in as a result of damage, lost tiles,  are common problems that we can solve. These repairs do not take long and are relatively inexpensive – providing you call us sooner rather than later. Small roofing problems can quickly escalate into more expensive ones…

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Very satisfied with the overall service and workmanship. Cleaned up beautifully at the end of the job.



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