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Slate & Tile roofing


Whether you need a small repair or an entire roof re-tiled Rubberoofs is the company you can trust. Located in the Gateshead / Newcastle area our company is known for its top quality work and service.

When it comes to pitched roofs we have you covered.

Are you experiencing problems with your roof?  Do you need a small repair?

An entire roof relaid?

At Rubberoofs we work with both tiles as well as the traditional slates. Slate and Tiled roofs are two of the most popular materials used for roofs on homes in Newcastle and Gateshead.

While they are quite similar in some ways there are some fundamental differences. Slate roofing comes in a variety of types and colours, from Welsh to Spanish. Considered as one of the worlds finest building materials, it is a natural product that can deflect the most extreme weather conditions.  It uses natural stone nailed onto a set backboard to create a unique layered effect.

While it can take longer to install, slate roofing is usually easy to maintain and repair as it is durable. It is also naturally resistant to water when laid properly your it can last the life time of the roof.

Tiling is similar, but typically uses terracotta, concrete, or a synthetic material for tiles. It is extremely common across the world as a roofing material due to its versatility. Much like slate, a tiled roof is fully waterproof, has a high degree of integrity, and will take a long time to decay and break if it is properly maintained. It is also slightly easier and cheaper to install, due to the tiles being set rather than hammered.

Whether you ultimately  choose tiling or slating  we will work with you and offer the necessary advice to ensure we achieve your desired finish with an abundance of aesthetic appeal.

Committed to providing a prompt, friendly and very professional level of service to our customers, be it a large project or a small job, we offer a comprehensive range of options, using only the best materials available.

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